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Privacy Policy 

This privacy statement provides information for visitors and users of the Banbury Business & Arts website.


Banbury Business and Arts (BBA, We, Our) is primarily an information platform for our partners, users and visitors.  We do not process or store personal Information.  Helpful website addresses are outlined below for our visitors to refer to.



Email addresses will remain confidential within the organisation. Visitor email contact with Banbury Business and Arts is via  Gmail's privacy policy can be found on their website.


Banbury Business & Arts do not use cookies.  

Third Parties

We do not disclose, forward or trade personal information to third parties. Banbury Business and Arts provides an information platform, which will contain links to the websites of our partners and other stakeholders.  These links, once activated, will lead to external websites and their relevant independent privacy and cookie policies.

Helpful information on cookies can be found on the 'All About Cookies' website below.




Our Website is hosted by, who have a cookie and privacy policy, which can be referred to on the Wix website.

Changes to our online Privacy Policy

Banbury Business and Arts will continue to update this privacy policy as new laws are introduced.



By visiting and using our website is consenting to the information outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Helpful Websites

Updated 5 January 2024

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