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Banbury Business & Arts hosted an Origami Crane Arts Project to bring businesses, residents, groups and local organisations together to celebrate 'The Colours of Banbury' through creativity and the Arts.


The suspended installation of approximately 3000 paper cranes coincided with the opening of The Commonwealth Games taking place in Birmingham in July and August 2022.  Smaller satellite projects and installations were held at The Mill Arts Centre to celebrate International Women's Day, and at Tap Social Brewery, Castle Quay.  The colours woven into the final piece represent the different community groups within Banbury.  Two beautiful immersive Son et Lumiere events were held in July and October in collaboration with Lighting Designer Richard Parker.

Banbury Business & Arts extend a huge thanks to everyone who supported the project in sponsorship and paper folding.

Colours of Banbury - Tim Cherry-Jones 2.jpg
Colours of Banbury 3.jpg




15cm x 15cm square paper or 20cm  x 20cm square paper

Small spatula or similar

Plain white or coloured - single colour or double sided colour

The video will demonstrate that the first fold of any double sided coloured square will determine the final colour of the origami crane - the colour inside the first fold will create the actual colour of the paper crane on completion

The tutorial can be paused throughout to practice each fold

The video loops automatically for continued practice


'Colours of Banbury'

Origami Arts Project


kindly sponsored by:

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