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We are inviting local businesses to pioneer this exciting initiative, a first for Banbury, to host an Artist in Residence in the work environment. 

The professional creative would become immersed, working quietly in a small space for up to 6 weeks by arrangement. 


  • Tailored business venue site specific residency package

  • The professional creative would be an artist illustrator, writer, poet, photographer or similar – focusing on a project that suits the host environment.

  • Clients and the internal venue based team would have the opportunity during work breaks to observe the creative process from start to completion

  • Participate in a masterclass or ‘have a go’ within the time frame of employees work commitments

  • Invitation to a private view to a future exhibition of works by the creative professional

  • Publicity for the host venue as a pioneer of the initiative via Banbury Business & Arts

'Creativity is, at its core, about ideas and how we develop, understand, and communicate them.  Not just in terms of the arts, but in every realm of thinking and work..'


Tanner Christensen - Founder of Creative Something 2008

Wooden Floor Lobby
black and yellows chairs
Coworking Space
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